Our Services

Dot for Spot provides loving pet care right in the comfort of your own home.  in-home pet care is a great alternative to kennel boarding.  It reduces so much of the stress that pets experience when you travel, and it reduces yours as well.

My services begin with an initial consultation.

At this time you will meet me and we will conduct a registration.  I want to make sure you and your pets are comfortable and confident with my services.  I will gather thorough written instructions about your pets' routine, health and other important information.  I will go over all policies and procedures and answer any questions you might have


Each visit to your home includes:


  • Lots of tender loving care
  • Fresh food and water
  • Litter box maintenance
  • Medications, vitamins, special care
  • Clean up of any pet messes
  • Pet update reports
  • Brushing, exercising, and play
  • Bringing in mail and newspapers
  • adjusting drapes and lights
  • water indoor plants